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" I have to give them permission to land at Lakehurst Naval Air Station.  I granted permission last year for 1936 only.  They've applied for 1937, but I haven't given it yet.... The company, Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei, is talking, too, about building a private airship port, just across the river from Washington.  If they do that, I'm going for a ride on the Hindenburg.  They say they can fly from Washington to New York in well under three hours." (1)         

-- Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States,  March 1933 - April 1945

The Historic Roadside Marker

Click for Google mapping! HVA Marker Installed 3/23/2012

The Wash Post, Feb 26, 1929
Hybla Valley Airport (also known as Alexandria Airport) was located in the Hybla Valley section of Fairfax County, Virginia, one mile south of another historic site, Beacon Field Airport.

The airfield operated from 1925 and in 1929 Mr. E. W. Robertson was granted the first airport permit in Virginia by the State Corporation Commission.   Hybla Valley Airport also achieved international interest when Zeppelin's Dr. Hugo Eckener and Captain Ernst Lehmann visited the site and announced that Hybla Valley was the ideal site for an American terminus for the Hindenburg's passenger and mail service.     The airfield was also home to a US Navy base, speedway, commercial flights, and pilot training.

Hybla Valley Airport is now the site of modern day retail activity including Five Guys Burger & Fries,  Mount Vernon plaza shops ( Home Depot, Michaels, et al), and a residential area with aviation related street names (Piper, Fairchild, Lindberg, Stinson). 

Friends of Beacon Field Airport submitted the application for the Hybla Valley Airport Marker and paid for one-half of the marker's cost.  The marker was installed adjacent to the parking lot at Five Guys Burger & Fries, 7622 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA 22306.  Click here for google mapping.

In July 2010, the Fairfax County History Commission granted approval.  The Fairfax County Historic Marker is the highest recognition awarded by the Fairfax County History Commission (visit FC website for more markers/info).  

The US Route 1 Wall of Aviation was dedicated on August 2, 2013, and the text has been listed on the national historic marker database.   This wall is a result ofCostco's committment to connect with local history.      Click here to got directly to the post on hmdb.org !

Plan a visit soon ...free convenient on street parking (Ladson Lane) adjacent to the wall !!

Also visit our Beacon Field Airport® website for more information on Route 1 aviation and local history.

NOTICE:   Person/persons unknown have generated a Wikipedia page on Hybla Valley Airport.    We have nothing to do with that page and note that it contains many serious flaws and mistakes.  

August 2, 2013 --- Dedication of the US Route 1 Aviation Panels
August 2, 2013 --US Route 1 Aviation Panels Dedicated (click for full story)
HIGH NOON at Hybla Valley Airport !!!

March 23, 2012, Historic Hybla Valley, Va ---  

At high noon on this very warm 85 degree March day, the much anticipated installation of the Hybla Valley Airport Historic Marker was accomplished !     Friends of Beacon Field Airport were all smiles at the picturesque weather and location courtesy of Five Guys Burger and Fries !!!

This marker and other nearby markers are also listed on the national Historic Marker Database website . 

The Hybla Valley Airport Marker has LANDED !!

January 25, 2012 ---   Good news !!   The Hybla Valley Airport Historic Marker fabrication has been completed and will be installed soon at the end of the old runway which is now the Five Guys Burgers & Fries in Hybla Valley. SEWAH Studios, Inc. located in Marietta, Ohio, manufactured the "Hybla Valley Airport" historic marker.

SEWAH Studios was founded in 1927 by Mr. E. M. Hawes and began operation in what was formerly an organ factory on the west side of historic Marietta, Ohio. In naming the company, Mr. Hawes spelled his last name backwards. The company was purchased by the Smith family in 1954 and a new plant was constructed at the present site in 1959, where today they cast approximately 1200 markers each year. 

Historical markers made by Sewah can be found in each of the fifty states and in several foreign countries. Virginia and Fairfax County purchase their official state markers from Sewah Studios.  Fairfax County Historic markers  are two-sided aluminum castings with letters in raised relief; the word count for Fairfax markers is limited to 100 words.

Historic and custom markers are SEWAH Studios only product and as such they produce the finest marker products in the country. Custom marker fabrication is labor-intensive requiring many skilled craftsmen to create a piece of art from aluminum billets - all of the work is done in-house from the layout, pouring liquid aluminum into a custom mold, thru to the final hand painting. This process takes about 5 days from the layout to the finished marker.    SEWAH artist Ms. Kitty Riley is featured below hand painting the detailed Fairfax County seal.

Click on Pics to learn more about the marker fabrication process!